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    1. compatible with DIVX/MP4/DVD/SVCD/HDCD/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD
    RW/ DVDR/DVD+/-RW/MP3/WMA/JPEG /Kodak picture
    Format the disc.
    2. support for left and right channel coaxial/S-/terminals/composite video/color/optical fiber output
    3. decode throughout the region, no country restrictions, all discs play properly.
    4. support USB 2 technology perfectly compatible 8G USB flash drive
    5. with the transcription function, support disc formats such as MP4,MP3,CD go on USB, bald is not working so the movies, listen to the song, let the machine permanently as the new
    6. with power off memory, power continued to play automatically after power is restored, never power off problems
    7. support up to 32 languages subtitles and action menu 6 languages (British, Portuguese, West, etc).
    8. full function remote control.
    9. supports the AUTO/NTSC/PAL format
    10. zoom in and out of the screen and fast forward and slow
    11. HD progressive scan, more than 500 lines resolution
    12. the parental lock function to prevent children unhealthy content.
    13. wide voltage design, 90-240V (50/60Hz) voltage operation.
    14. support HDMI function
    15. support Kara OK function
    16. supports 5.1 Vocal tract on
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