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    * 2.4 g wireless technology, 10 m effective transmission distance, automatically convert frequency;
    * 2 analog joystick 8 azimuth arrow 12 programmable keystrokes;
    * built-in straps around different sound vibration motors, more delicate embodiment of vibration, and supports all * the force feedback support DirectX games;
    * compatible with Windows98 ~ XP, Vista system;
    * support USB 2.0, backward compatibility, USB+PS2/PS3
    * product dimensions: 160 * 105 * 65 mm (l * W * H);
    * product 220g;
    * support macro, Turbo, the clear special functions;
    * positive power switch, use, do not use opens when you close it, saving electricity when, to protect the batteries;
    * a grade 600mAh high capacity batteries can be 50 hours of continuous use (not open, vibration circumstances), overlong standby time up to 45 days
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