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  • Include:AG-23 Electric Grinder, Charging Cable, Manual ColorBox
    Rated Power:25W
    Materials: Stainless Steel, ABS
    Size of Container: 100ml
    1.Gravity activated, just simply turn upside down and get fresh ground salt or pepper
    2.The LED light will turn on automatically when the grinderis in operation
    3.The ceramic grinder is on the top to keep your table or countertop free of residue.
    4.With adjustable grinder, you can easily adjust the
    grinder knob to choose the coarseness of your spice, salt or peppercorn
    5.Unique design of refillable container with screw lid in the front
    6.The remaining amount of pepper/salt is visible from the front
    7.Automatic cap design: it will open automatically when the grinder is tilted, and close when upright
    8.Powered by lithium battery that is easy to charge with Type C cable
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