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    * Driver unlt :40mm Dynamic type
    * Impedance :32ohms
    * Sensitlvity :100+-4dB
    * Frequency :20Hz~20KHz
    * Maximum input :100mW
    * Connector :USB series A plug
    * Microphone :Condenser type
    * Polar Pattem :Omni-directional
    * Volume Contro(optional) :Yes


    * Output impedance :2K ohms
    * Sensitivity :-58+-3dB -38+-3dB(OdB=1V/Paat 1KHz)
    * Frequency :50 Hz~ 16KHz
    * Cord length :2M+/-3%

    * Easy USB connection.
    * Clear Audio and Noise-Canceling Microphone :Advanced speaker delivers Crystal-clear audio.
    * Control Box :Includes an In-line volume control ,easily adjust volume to find the perfect sound level.
    * Ear Cup :Comfortable and durable ear cushion ,listen and play for hours in total comfort.
    * Flexible Headband :You'll get the superior comfort as the headband and is adjustable,it is easy to find the best fit.
    * Textile cable more durability-
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