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  • - High speed air circulation technology frying delicious food, not greasy.
    - Manually adjust the time and temperature control.
    - Effect of high power performance for fast cooking.
    - Power cord storage makes the kitchen countertop clean and tidy.
    - Detachable drawer and a food basket with non-stick coating, available dishwasher cleaning and easy to clean.
    - Product Size: 285*380*318mm
    - Adjustable Heat: Yes
    - Automatic Power-off: Yes
    - Capacity: 800g, 2.2L
    - Appointment Timing: 1-30min.
    - Net Weight: 4.9KG
    - Temperature Control Range:100 - 200J
    - Rated Frequency: 50 / 60HZ; Rated Power: 1300W
    - Input Voltage: 220V - 50Hz, 127V - 60Hz
    - Non-slip Base: Yes

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